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Jun 18, 2012 | Monday, June 18, 2012 | 0 comments

It seems like you don't care at all.

Sometimes I do feel like i wanna die,
but, people who cared about me,
advised me and been there
for me. Always.

Everybody kept pushing me away.
or am i doing this to myself.
I miss them.
I miss my primary school.
I miss those people who would
be there, for me.
I miss all those tilawah,
I miss all those jokes, gossips, laughter.
I miss the 'tree',
I miss the 'tangga'
I miss the classrooms.
I miss when every friday morning,
we have to read Yaasin.
I miss
gathering together every morning.
I miss to que to take the food.
I miss to go to the surau with mah girls.
I miss the drama's.
I miss the passage way.
I miss the food.
I miss the library.
I miss the koprasi.
I miss the pondok.
I miss school coridor.
I miss the teachers .
I miss the juniors from primary school.
I miss classmates.
I miss the tuitions.
I miss the guys.
I really really miss everything.

Why can't I stop thinking about Abim every second.
Why do I miss them so much.
Why do I love them so much.
Why can't I stay there.

I complain too much.
I regret too much.
I miss too much.
I love too much.

And yeah, I'm typing in English.
Helps me improve my English speaking.

If you don't wanna read.
I understand.
It's your choice.
They are great bloggers :)
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